About the course

The Interior Design Fundamentals Course with residential specialism gives you the complete toolkit to embark upon residential design projects. With support from a teacher you will test out your skills on pre-set projects and assignments and grow in confidence and ability.

  • Core IDC curriculum.

  • Estimated 3 - 6 months to complete.

  • Get practice using a range of software to sketch out your designs, with pro tips on shortcuts and troubleshooting.

  • Feedback on tasks and assignments to help you improve and learn quickly.

  • Access to online community to get inspiration and support.

  • Live support on pre-set design projects with advice and mentoring throughout.

Who should enroll?

This is the perfect course for you if you:

  • Want a deep knowledge and understanding of how to design residential interiors.

  • Want to formalize your experience and develop core technical skills needed to successfully design interiors.

  • Want personalised feedback and support from real world pro’s to improve your skills.

  • Want to begin building a design CV or portfolio.

How to enroll?

  • Speak to us if you’re unsure

    If you are unsure which course is right for you, you can schedule a call with us and we can talk you through the options.

  • Choose the right course for you

    Choose the course which fits your time commitment, area of focus and intended aims.

  • Entry Requirements

    As these courses give you professional level training; you need to be competent on a computer. Don’t worry if you don’t think you have the drawing skills or eye for design; curiosity and desire to succeed are the most important qualities!

It’s as easy as a click of the button.

As soon as you sign up to the course you will gain instant access to the online content, and within the first week will be officially welcomed by your assigned teacher(for Master and Fundamentals courses only).

The online learning experience

We know that online learning can feel daunting; but rest assured we have designed our courses to make you feel both engaged and supported.

How could I use my new skillset?

Interior design isn’t all about home renovations; it is a whole industry with a range of different roles and specialisms to choose from. The courses are designed to give you a view and experience of what it is like to be an interior designer in the real world.

Are you looking to...

  • Find your true calling?

  • Succeed in your own ID project?

  • Develop a strategic business skill?