Our course options

“IDC gives you access to comprehensive, world-class program from the comfort of your own home. With a course designed to inspire, upskill, and aid you on your journey to designing beautiful, functional, and meaningful interiors.”

Interior Design Discovery

*Does not include mentorship

  • Do you want to learn more about interior design so that you can test out your new skills at home?

  • Do you feel like you would enjoy interior design but aren’t ready to make an investment in a more in-depth course?

  • The Interior Design Foundations Course gives you the basics you need to design a residential space.

Interior Design Master

Includes assigned mentor on a project of your choice

  • Do you want the Interior Design Master course with a residential specialism?

  • Do you have an interior you think could be upgraded by participating in this course?

  • Do you want to practice your new skills on a supported project of your choosing with specific feedback and advice by a real-world-pro on an interior of your choice?

  • The Interior Design Master Course with residential specialism comes with the added bonus of paid consultancy time from an an interior designer to help out on the design of your own residential project. The course gives you the complete toolkit you need to embark upon residential projects - giving you the opportunity to test out your skills on a live project with direct support from your mentor, and come out with a new skill-set and a clear set of designs for your residential space.

How it works

Committing to an online course may feel daunting; but we have designed the curriculum to make you feel fully engaged and supported the entire way through.

The interior design industry

Interior design isn’t all about home renovations; it is a whole industry with a range of different roles and specialisms to choose from. The courses are designed to give you a view and experience of what it is like to be an interior designer in the real world. It will equip you with the tools you need to embark upon a career in interior design; or use your skills in your own personal and professional life.